Monday, November 30, 2009

my etsy day

Yesterday was a fun day. I was listing items on etsy and getting sales as I did! That has never happened to me before. I've gotten sales, but never as I listed them. I have been adding ornaments a few each day and yesterday as I added 3, I got an order for one! That made me excited--at least it paid for the listing fees for all of the ornaments.... But later, I added the photo/listing above--4 personalized ornaments for $20. And I got a response right away from a woman in Canada asking if I shipped there--so that is my first international sale as well. And the thing is, she ordered 13 ornaments! Woohoo! I've always wanted to add shipping to other countries but have no idea how to figure that out for all of the different ones. So, I was glad that she convo'd me and asked. Makes me feel like I should just sit here all day listing items---I'd get more sales that way!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas ornaments

Just a few Christmas ornaments that I've done for the season. Listing them on my etsy shop..a few each day. Check them out! And I will also be offering personalized ornaments soon. They are really fun to do and always turn out special. I had one lady order 19 of them at a recent show--one for everyone in her family....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spring in the fall

The last posting was fall colors and these are definitely spring colors----but taken this fall in Central Park in NYC! I seem to be drawn to water lilies and my camera works well with them--can't get too close because they are in the water (duh) but the lens zooms in just right! These were taken on a great , beautiful sunny day when we went to the Met, then walked through Central Park. After that we headed out to the Bronx to have dinner in Little Italy with Alex and his roommate. I think that was my favorite day in New York this trip.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall colors

A couple more pics from New York. I just love the colors of these leaves at High Line park in NYC. Can't wait to use them for something in my art--maybe a background for a sign, maybe for a card. Who knows? When were walking through the Met, my husband and I came across the tools in the second photo and both said, "A, T and D" because we had been programmed to look for letters... I thought it was funny, would have been even funnier if they spelled something!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New York letters

While in New York, I was looking for letters....and then I got a call from a St. Louis customer who wanted to order the above name frame for her kids who live in New York City! I normally do my name frames in color, but she requested black & white. So....I made sure that I got New York letters for her order, and decided I may as well try to find the whole alphabet. Drove Don and Alex crazy, I think, but I had fun! So the letters above are from:

G is from a bridge in Central Park;
A is from an exhibit at the Metroplitan Museum of Art;
R is graffiti at a subway stop;
F is a building near the Hudson River;
I is from a railing in Central Park;
E is from a building on Broadway;
L is from an elevator at High Line Park;
D is from a bridge viewed from High Line Park.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The book is bound

The book is bound and already in Alex's hands. I hope he liked it. It is always hard to tell with sons--they don't get excited about much. But I had this leather, and made the covers, took it all to Joanne's studio where she let me use her drill to make the holes. The rest was easy---just a rubber band and a twig--which she provided! Thanks, Joanne!

The trip to NYC was great. And I got tons of new letters. Still have to crop them etc, but hope to post some soon. While there, I got a call from a woman who wants a name frame sent to NYC! So I made sure I had New York letters especially for her order. It was fun, but I think I drove my husband and son crazy....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NYC here we come

Got the book done! I just need to take a picture of it before I take it to NYC to give to Alex this weekend! I'm really looking forward to seeing him and I hope he likes the book! Right now I'm trying to get tickets to a couple of shows and then get packing. We haven't put a lot of planning into this trip, but I'm hoping thats not necessary. I got a deal on what I think is a pretty nice hotel near Lincoln Center and Central Park. This will be our first time staying in the city so that should be fun. Next week, its back to getting ornaments and magnets made for my next show....

Monday, November 2, 2009

More book pages

A couple more of the pages for Alex's book. I have the covers done--still being pressed. Now I just need my friend Joanne's help to poke the holes and do the sewing. I never have the right thread for these projects. You'd think I'd learn and just buy the stuff and keep it on hand. But it's actually more fun going to her studio--Paperbirds--and visiting and getting it done right! She's been out of town but will be back tomorrow. Good thing, since we leave Wednesday to go visit Alex in NYC.