Sunday, November 23, 2008

Somerset Memories Article

First page of the article:

My article titled, "Marian's Memories", just came out in the Dec/Jan issue of Somerset Memories! Just got it in the mail yesterday and it was so cool to see! Looks like there is a lot of great work as always... You should pick up a copy and check it out!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Entry for Cutting Edge--An Exhibition of Papercraft

The Eugene Field House and Museum in St. Louis is holding an exhibition next spring titled Cutting Edge: An Exhibition of Papercraft that will include everyting from calligraphy and books to paper toys and origami. The photos below are the 6 pieces that I am entering in the juried exhibit.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

David Kauffman concert and workshop

This weekend, I was supposed to go to visit a friend but our trip got cancelled. The one thing that makes it a little better is that now I can go to the David Kauffman concert at a church near our home on Friday night. And then the next day, I am going to a journal workshop that he is leading. I really love his Christian music, ever since going on an ACTS retreat a year ago. And last June, I was on team for a retreat, and David wrote our theme song, titled Do Not Be Afraid. I love that theme....and I am trying to live that more each day. The artwork above contains all of the words to that song, and I sent it to David Kauffman last summer, as well as gave it to all of the retreatants. I think he liked it, he did respond with an e-mail, but I hope to talk to him more this weekend.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Artist's spotlight

I was recently in the artists' spotlight in a local newsletter and wanted to share it, below. Deb Weltman is the owner of Terra Art and Frame and Terra Decorating Services, and she puts out a monthly e-newsletter to her clients. Deb works out of her home now, and does professional framing and decorating for people in the St. Louis area. I am including the article Deb wrote, but only one of the pictures that she used. Thank you Deb for including me in your newsletter!

The article:
Art uplifts us. It's the perfect gift! If you're looking for a very unusual personalized gift, turn to calligraphy artist, Kathy Nolte Orf's web-site: or check out the site for Kathy's work and the works of a multitude of artists. Warning: the site may be hazardous to your health! You'll get NO exercise. It is hard to leave your computer screen, there's SO much pretty stuff! But more about our featured local artist: amazing calligrapher, Kathy Orf. First, to clarify, here's the vocabulary lesson: calligraphy comes from the Greek, kallos, which means "beauty" and graphein, which means "to write." So calligraphy is "beautiful writing" and that is definitely what Kathy creates. The other vocabulary I learned from Kathy was the term "hand" meaning a traditional style of calligraphic writing: Italic, Celtic (or Uncial), Gothic (Olde English), and Roman Capitals are some examples of various calligraphy "hands". Kathy says that while she can letter all of these styles, she has developed her own variations of these "hands". What began for Kathy with a decorative arts class in high school, one semester of calligraphy at college, an art degree and a career in graphic arts, eventually led her back to calligraphy when she was home with her first child. She decided to create a product to sell at local art shows. Kathy says she was "catapulted" from basic black ink on parchment to much bigger work, using many styles, and a wide variety of tools, materials, and papers, by Reggie Ezell, a wonderful teacher and her major influence. Kathy says Reggie took her "light-years" ahead of where she had been. He gave her technique, ability (lots of practice helped there) and mega-confidence! I asked Kathy a few "Artisty"/ "make you think" type questions and she was gracious enough to answer them, so here goes: D: "What sparks your creativity?" K: "Going to the Botanical Gardens, taking a walk, looking at magazines." D: "What artist do you most admire?" K:" Georgia O'Keefe, for her art, but I was also fascinated by her marriage to Alfred Steiglitz, who's photographic work was one of my first loves." D: "What do you think is the enemy of creativity?" K: ""Too much thought, not enough action." D: " How do you get past perfectionism?" K: "I know that things rarely turn out the way I imagine them in my head. I just see where I end up." D: "Anything you are very proud of that you'd like to share?" K: "I will be featured in the December/ January issue of "Somerset Memories". The article is called "Marian's Memories and is about a memory book I created. I painted the pages, did the calligraphy, and then hand-bound it. It is a book of my mother's child-hood memories." : "What do you wish you had known when you were younger?" K: "Not to waste my time comparing myself to others or worrying about what others think. Mostly, they're not thinking about me. They're focused on their own life and their own problems. Also, to believe in myself. Currently in Kathy's new line are many personalized items: name frames, travel mugs (including St. Louis's favorite question, "Where'd you go to high school?" with your high school's name as well.), signs that can be personalized: "Princess", "Soccer", "Grandkids" to name a few. And then there are some awesome T-shirts: "Nurture your inner artist", "Chocolate, its cheaper than therapy". Kathy has family trees, "Bless Our Home" signs, and note cards. Most of the letters are photographs of found objects in St. Louis: the Arch, turned up-side-down, as a "U". You get the idea. Check out the photos here. Check out Kathy's web site. Support your local artists! Contact Kathy at: