Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finally spring!

It is finally spring but I feel so behind.... Once again, I have not posted in 2 months! I have a new idea for a way to sell my letters that I have been rolling around in my brain for a few weeks and frankly it is driving me crazy.... And I have so many other volunteer commitments, that I can't see to get around to figuring it out. I have a show next weekend April 4 and 5 ( The Art Fair at Queeny Park--see sidebar) and I would like to have it for that, or at the very least, put a few samples of it on my etsy site.

The idea is what is posted above, putting the "letters" in "frames" that I have that the frame and letter are all one piece. But each letter frame would be a separate piece and my problem is how to display them....attach to a ribbon, mount on foamcore and make some kind of track to stand them in, or simply offer them with 3M stickies on the backs. I've also been told to only offer about 4 frame styles, but there are so many cool frames that I find that hard to do. What to do.....