Saturday, June 12, 2010

Alphabet poster

Okay, today is our school picnic and since my kids are too old to want to go, and it is way too hot out there, I am killing time listing another of my alphabet posters. I really like the girly colors in this one and hope that is something that will appeal to girls with "different" names. I never had that problem as a kid--there were always "Kathy" items when looking at "personalized" things, but my sister's name wasn't always there or wasn't spelled right. So this gives kids a chance to have their name up there with all of the other "usual" names--- like it's always been that way. Another cool thing about this poster is that I can change as many of the other names as you want--so if you want to include your friends and family names you can (but only one name per letter). Click on the photo to go right to that item or check out the rest of my work in my etsy shop. Thanks for looking!

Alphabet poster idea

I had a new idea this past spring to create alphabet posters using my Sign Language Collection letters! So this is the first poster: "Words to live by". I have a couple of alphabet posters for kids too, where their name is featured and titles the poster such as "Kathy's alphabet". It's been pretty fun to put together. I think that people will like that I included where all of the letters are from in tiny caps running up the left side of each letter. They are listed on my etsy site, I hope you will take a look!